Beauty Is The Beast Concert 2018

True Beauty is from Within, “A beautiful heart will transform any beast.” – Beauty is the Beast

Thank you Nobel teachers, students and parents for an amazing, wonderful, fabulous and successful concert that is almost unachievable in any elementary school. We are so proud of all our Nobel teachers and students for such an awesome performance.

“This year’s concert is superb. Well done school! Well done teachers and students!” – Jane Chang

“What a spectacle! Great job, guys!” – Calvyn Wong

“Spectacular show!!! Truly reflected the hardwork of all the teachers and children!” – Dhwani Sarin

“…it’s amazing to see what the kids have achieved. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Loved the story behind” – Jack Wong

“…the best concert in KL” – Melinda

“Congrats on the amazing musical, it was simply outstanding! The dances, performances, costumes, sound and stage effects were out of this world! Most significant of all, behind all grandeur and splendour, is the message of the musical. Even more significant, and the best of the best, is the giving towards all charitable bodies and individuals. I love how giving you all are!” – Eunice Kam

“Congratulations on such a successful concert! Indeed you have the strongest team of teachers and most importantly students.” – Michelle Ong

“…it was an amazing day and it s so touching! It touched my heart… I felt the love and care flowing throughtout the hall atmosphere it’s so overwhelming! This production of yours really bring out the Inner Beauty…” – Alice Yee

“Congratulations to a highly successful concert. Everything was so spectacular… there was not a dull moment. The timing, lights, sounds, effects, acting, multimedia, hairdo, the synchronization of dances…” – Anne Chong

Awesome; fantastic; terrific; magnificent; all the words that i can describe the whole play!” – Esther Tan

“Congratulations on the concert today! It is so refreshing to see Nobel’s teachers and students. May the school continue to excel in imparting what matters most in life” – Michelle Loh

“What an amazing production! It’s so well produced! Just incredible!” – Chan Lik Hong

“…i was absolutely blown away by the concert today. All the students were fantastic and i am just in awe!” – Sarah Tan

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