We believe in the importance of holistic education and raising students to be 21st Century learners. Thus, our co-curricular activities focus on the fullest possible development of a student. Students are encouraged to be the finest they can be, and this will enable them to experience all that life has to offer and reach their goals.

Our vision for the co-curricular department at Nobel is to cultivate creative and innovative students whose noble character shines. In addition, we want students who possess practical skills and physical mastery that supplement their academic excellence.

Scientific research has shown that increased involvement in out-of-classroom activities positively correlates with improved academic achievement (Streb, 2009), personal development (Ewing et. al., 2009), self-confidence and emotional independence (Elliott, 2009), leadership development (Haber & Komives, 2009), and increased employability (Albert et.al., 1994; Rearson et. al., 1998; Causer, 2009).

The selection of co-curricular activities in Nobel offers a wide variety of physically and mentally stimulating experiences for students. More importantly, these activities will not only add to their skills set and growth, but will also open doors to leadership positions through people management and real-life problem solving in their respective clubs and societies. In addition, through co-curricular exposure, there will be an increase of career pathway choices in the future.


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