The Elementary School’s co-curricular activities are divided into two main areas:

Co-curricular activities (CCA) – Held during school hours and are part of the school timetable. All CCA activities are handled by teachers. Students are given choices to pick from every term.

Extra-curricular activities (ECA) – Additional activities held after school hours. The majority of the activities are conducted by service providers, which are contracted by the school.

List of CCA : Music, Futsal, Captain Ball, Netball, Globetrotters, Basketball, Badminton, Culinary Arts, Jewelry Making, Model United Nation/Debate, Coding Club, Food Technology, Dodgeball, Lego Constructions, Funtastic Games, Origami and Paper Craft, Zumba Kids.

List of ECA : Basketball, Money Tree, Creative Crafting, Dodgeball, Track and Field, Animation, Badminton, Engineering for Kids (STEM), Robotics, Sport Stacking, Dance, Life Skills, Reading Club, Ninjutsu, Football, Netball, Taekwondo, Art and Craft.

* The list of activities is subject to change on a yearly basis