Term & Conditions

1. There are two (2) terms in an academic year.

2. Other Fees and/or Charges – In addition to the above Fees, other fees and/or charges may also be payable for External Assessments, External Examinations, Field Trips, Camps, Books, Uniforms, Transportation, CCAs and such other fees and/or charges as may be advised by the School from time to time.

3. Lunch – The Tuition Fee is inclusive of lunch which is compulsory.

4. *Top Up Security Deposit – A one-time top up Security Fee of RM1,000 (non-transferrable) is required for a Year 6 student who is moving up to Year 7.

5. Discounted Tuition Fee for Siblings (per Term)

All Levels Elementary Junior & Senior
2nd child RM300 RM400
3rd child RM500 RM650
4th child onward RM700 RM850


6. Withdrawal and Security Deposit
6.1 Withdrawal by Notice: SIX (6) months advance notice in writing of any withdrawal and the reasons there to shall be given to the Registrar of the School in respect of any withdrawal of a student from the School. Such a notice shall be given on or before the dates below:
31st May (if leaving at the end of the current year) and
30th November (if leaving at the end of the 1st term of the following year)

6.2 Deemed Withdrawal: Any Student who refuses, neglects or fail to attend School for a continuous period of TWENTY ONE (21) school days without notice in writing to the Registrar of the school shall be deemed to have immediately and automatically withdrawn himself/herself from the school unless otherwise decided by the school. The School reserves
the absolute right to refuse the student access to the school and/or utilising any of the School’s amenities and facilities.

6.3 A processing fee for each withdrawal is a sum of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred (RM200.00) only or such other amount as may be stipulated by the School.

6.4 The Security Deposit paid is refundable but non-transferable. The Security Deposit shall not, under any circumstance, be deemed to be treated as payment of fees or charges for any particular term.

6.5 The Security Deposit refund shall only be processed when a Student has completed his/her studies in Year 11 or a withdrawal notice by notice of SIX (6) months is given to the School as stated in Clauses 6.1 (a) & 6.1(b).

6.6 The Applicant will be notified of the collection of the Security Deposit when it is ready. The Applicant is advised to collect the Security Deposit within and no later than SIX (6) months from the date of completion of the child’s studies or within and no later than SIX (6) months from the date stated in the letter of collection. The Security Deposit shall be forfeited if it is not collected within the stipulated deadline.

6.7 The Security Deposit shall not be refunded in the following circumstances:
a. the Withdrawal by Notice is not submitted on or before the dates stated in the Clauses 6.1
(a) and 6.1 (b).
b. the Student is expelled from School i.e. enrolment terminated by the School.
c. term fees due are not paid in full within the give due date.
d. after accepting the offer of a place at School, the Student does not attend the School