Founder’s Welcome

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Nobel International School, and invite you to visit our campus where you will observe the warm vibrance of an active learning community.

Nobel International School is committed to providing our students with an education that is intellectually stimulating, academically solid, and emotionally maturing. Academic excellence and intellectual growth are placed at a high priority among the teachers and staff of the school. However, a rigorous academic programme alone is like reading the front cover of a book. We do not just teach our students knowledge; we teach them to become lifelong learners, effective communicators, compassionate citizens, and leaders with integrity.

At Nobel International School, we are particularly proud of some distinguishing factors that are unique to our academic programme.

Our Mission

The mission of Nobel International School is to provide students from diverse backgrounds with wholesome education through rigorous academic, co-curricular programmes and character transformation. We believe in the limitless potential of our students, and work diligently to develop strong, smart, and confident men and women who lead lives of purpose and impact in a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

At Nobel International School, there is a deep-seeded commitment to equip global citizens with noble hearts and noble minds; academically advanced, community engaged, and emotionally mature.


Nobel was first established in 2004 as a private school dedicated to serving families with children who completed the renowned FunGates preschool programme. Building a solid foundation for the primary years, FunGates produces kindergarten graduates who are confident, happy, and love learning. Nobel experienced great success as a private school, prompting parents to recommend transitioning to an international school. The school accepted the challenge and opened its doors as Nobel International School in 2012.