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Message from the Directors

Celebrating life's changing moments since 2004

Ms. Clarine Chun, Founding Director

The essence of education is learning to become the person I want to be when all assessments and exams are finally laid to rest! The pursuit of what measures success continues to rapidly change especially during times of unprecedented global uncertainties. Here in Nobel, we take our students with us to ride courageously above the unsettling winds of change. Teachers are trained to intentionally create learning and nurturing opportunities that empowers students to grow emotionally, academically and socially as they prepare for adult life. 

Nobel invests in deeper levels in providing vigorous support in well-being, mental health, open dialogue and on-going student counselling. Moreover, our students serve in collaborative community outreach despite many obstacles. The compassion to reach out to others by our students I find meaningful and rewarding, and is an especially integral component in our students’ education. We dived into technology more deeply, teacher development more robustly and learning outcomes more closely to determine the best way forward in navigating the new realities. We want our student’s education to be relevant when they embark on careers years from now.

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Nobel International School, and invite you to visit our campus where you will observe the warm vibrance of an active learning community. We do not just impart quality academic to our students; we groom them to become lifelong learners, effective communicators, compassionate citizens, and leaders with integrity.

‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’


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Mr. Tan Seng Kee, Director

Nobel International School established since 2004 (formerly known as Sekolah Sri Nobel) exists for one primary purpose, namely, to partner with parents to provide quality education for our children. Today the task of providing our children with a sound education is no longer an optional extra but a basic necessity.


In the context of an ever increasingly challenging world environment which unrelentingly drives us towards societal interdependence in tandem with the pursuit of excellence demands our urgent attention to prepare our children to better harness all of their God given abilities to not only do well for themselves but to promote the well being of other individuals as well.


At Nobel, we provide a broad-based education which spans the development and growth, both in academics as well as good character building to produce well rounded and wholesome individuals. We believe that inculcating and helping our children live godly lives will give them a clear moral compass to guide them in doing what is good and, only then, will our children find a real and meaningful purpose in combining knowledge and life skills for the betterment of everyone.

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A sound education empowers and prepares our children to confront the realities, challenges and issues of life and to transform them for the good of our community and our society. We at Nobel treat education seriously and handle the task of education passionately. The education process can be laborious but it is also rewarding when future generations can look back proudly at how their forebears have done well in educating them as best as they could.


We welcome your continued partnership in the educational process in Nobel.


Thank you.

Core Values

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