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Clarine Chun

Founding Director

Celebrating life's changing moments since 2004

The essence of education is learning to become the person I want to be when all assessments and exams are finally laid to rest! The pursuit of what measures success continues to rapidly change, especially during times of global uncertainties. Here in Nobel, we take our students with us to ride courageously above the unsettling winds of change and the challenges that come with it to determine the best way forward in navigating the new realities. Our teachers are trained to intentionally create learning and nurturing opportunities that empower students to grow academically, emotionally, and socially.

Nobel believes strongly in vigorous support in character transformation, well-being, mental health, open dialogue, and ongoing student counseling. We dive into technology more deeply, prioritise teacher development more robustly, and scrutinise learning outcomes more closely. We want our students' education to be relevant when they embark on their future careers.

The compassion to reach out to others is immensely meaningful and rewarding to me and is truly an integral component in wholesome education. Our students and teachers serve in many collaborative community outreach programs in Fungates Superflow Foundation and projects through Global Perspectives.

I wish to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Nobel International School, where you will experience the warm vibrancy of an active learning community. We are proud to present to you an educational institution that consistently imparts quality academics to its students and grooms them to become successful lifelong learners, effective communicators, compassionate citizens, and trustworthy leaders with exemplary character.

Clarine Chun
Founding Director

Celebrating life's changing moments since 2004

Alumni: Noteworthy Nobelians

Au Soung Hui, Class of 2010

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Assistant Director of Activities & Engineering Solutions - White Water Summer Camp (Lite)

Nobel played a pivotal role in my teenage years and taught me how to study better, be a good citizen of my country, someone of principle, and also a proactive leader. No other school would have invested so much time and effort into character building and providing opportunities where students could grow and develop their potential, and to try and learn new things. I was a really shy, introverted kid when I first entered Nobel, but through the school’s well-rounded programs and conducive environment, over time I learned how to interact and work with others more. My friendly teachers allowed me to communicate and connect with them on a personal level, which made learning and asking questions a lot more fun. I could tell that they cared more about the kind of person I was than just what I could memorise from a textbook and cough out onto an exam paper. Academics were important to them, but character – much more so. Nobel taught me to have high standards and to strive for excellence in everything I do, never compromising on quality, which as an engineer, is an incredibly important trait to have. I am truly grateful for everything I learned at Nobel, in the classroom and beyond. If you are looking for the same experience for your child, I highly recommend Nobel and all they have to offer.

Sharolyn Ong, Class of 2011

Bachelor of Science - BS (Hons) Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist, United Kingdom

Speech and Language Therapist - Harrogate and Distrct NHS Foundation Trust

During my time in Nobel, my friends and I would do community work with Superflow Foundation. We went out into the community and gave out food, participated at the soup kitchen where we helped prepare food, and at SuperTouch Kids which is a special school for children with special needs. While volunteering, we met many people with all kinds of different stories. It was fun doing this community work with my friends. I currently work as a speech and language therapist and I help children with additional needs. My experience through the Superflow Foundation, especially the SuperTouch Kids inspired me and has shaped me to be who I am today. So if you and your friends have the chance to do that, make sure you don’t miss out because it’s so much fun doing it together, but it also helps you learn so much about helping other people.

Kew Ming Qiao, Class of 2022

Top in the World 2022 - Mandarin Foreign Language

I have made many friends who were always there for me through thick and thin. They have had a significant impact on my life and have helped me grow into the person I am today. The memories created during my 11 years at Nobel including competitive sports days, enjoyable field trips, PE Classes and more wil certainly be something that comes to mind when I reflect on my time at Nobel in the future.

Sean Ng, Class of 2014

First Class Honours, Masters in Mechanical Engineering,

Top Achiever Scholarship, University of Southampton,

Top in the World 2014 - Cambridge ICT


Lead Product Demo Designer, Dyson, United Kingdom,

Co-Founder of Ocrux Studios

I had a wonderful experience at Nobel. The school provided me with an excellent foundation in science and mathematics, and provided me with the opportunity to explore a variety of extracurricular activities from joining the Robotics & Filmmaking clubs in my earlier years to becoming the President of the Debate Club and Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board in my senior year. These formed the basis for my soft skills in critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and project management, all of which were essential for my professional career.

Olivia Ch'ng Yuette Li, Class of 2022

Top in Malaysia 2022 - Literature in English

The most impactful relationships that have helped me grow as a person here in Nobel are the relationships with my friends. Throughout the years, I have been granted the opportunity to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds. This allowed me to be more empathetic towards others as I can better understand how other people think and feel. Furthermore, these friendships have allowed me to learn how to be more patient and adopt a more positive outlook towards hardships. Overall, my relationship with my friends have made me a better person and these are relationships that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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Proud Parents

Our daughter’s journey in Nobel over the last 9 years has been very pleasant and joyful experience. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow and develop under the care and guidance of the teachers. The dedication and hardwork is clearly evident in the tremendous success we have continuously witnessed (through the exam results and overall character development). She has grown leaps and bounds over the years and acquired the necessary leadership skills and other relevant experience required to be an all-rounder/versatile student. We have no doubt that Nobel will keep soaring higher and higher in achieving top-notch students and future leaders.

Mr. & Mrs. Retnandran

Parent - Year 10 (2022)

Nobel International School is always in the forefront of excellence for education. Having been part of a team, who was laying down the fundamental infrastructure for Early Childhood Education System for the Ministry of Education in Indonesia 20 years ago, has allowed me to understand better the importance of a solid fundamental and vision from school and institutions. My daugter, current in Year 4, was a student in Nobel since preschool, and her brother will soon join Nobel Preschool as well. We have always trusted the education future of our children at Nobel International School and will continue to support and be a part of the team in grooming and preparing our children for the future.

Ms. Nur Fadhlina

Parent - Year 4 (2022)

After Iniya’s award for the 21st Century Student of the Year previously, a few of my colleagues inquired about the school. I am proud of my kids going to Nobel International School. I’ll proudly recommend Nobel to my friends and colleagues.

Mr. Magesh

Parent - Year 6 (2022)

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