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Amenities & Facilities

Delischool @ FoodWave

Our cafeteria is staffed by the experienced professionals of Delischool, a renowned food service provider.

The FoodWave is designed to provide our students with a dining experience that is both enjoyable and nutritious. Our menu is carefully crafted to ensure that all meals are well-balanced and packed with the nutrients that growing students need. Our menu is diverse, offering a wide range of choices from Asian and Western cuisine to noodle bars, sandwich counters, fruits and salads.


Our menu is updated weekly to provide variety and keep things fresh. Parents can easily access the latest menu through our Parent's Portal and weekly newsletter, giving them the peace of mind that their children are receiving quality meals.

Our priority at Nobel International School is to create an environment that supports learning and development, in addition to our quality academic programmes. Our campus provides students with a comprehensive range of features and facilities that cater to their learning needs and ensure their comfort throughout their time with us.

  • Large classrooms

  • Lecture Theatres

  • Multipurpose Auditorium

  • Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Court

  • Science Labs

  • Elementary School Library

  • Junior & Senior School Library

  • Cafeteria

  • Pastoral Care Rooms

  • Gym

  • Audio Visual Recording Room

  • Student Lounge

  • Computer Labs

  • Domestic Skills Room

  • MakerSpace

  • Art Studios

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