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Programme Approach

We take a student-focused approach to the English Transition Programme emphasising on 4 core language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.


The programme is structured into three progressive stages:

Beginner - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

Students will go through a basic screening process which involves engaging in simple dialogues with our educators and, if necessary, completing simple sentence writing exercises to assess their English proficiency. 

Speak to our consultation team for more information.

Tailored Learning Stages

Holistic Approach

Progressive Support

Seamless Intergration

English Transition Programme(ETP) is a programme designed to support students in developing English Language proficiency; enabling them to access the mainstream curriculum with confidence.

  • Tailored according to students’ language proficiency level.

  • A balanced mix of students participating in both pull-out and mainstream classes.

  • Providing seamless transition into mainstream classes.

​Our programme is carefully designed to support students with diverse language backgrounds, guiding them on a journey of linguistic growth and academic achievement. We recognise that each student’s language proficiency is unique, and our programme is structured into distinct stages to address individual needs.

  • Student’s development is monitored through qualitative and quantitative data.

  • Progression through the stages and the duration of the support is based on individual achievement.


Our aim is to support students in building confidence to become proficient in their English language skills, aiding in their integration into the mainstream classes, and contributing to their overall academic journey.

English Transition Programme

For Non-English Speaking Students

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