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School Life

Co-Curricular Activities, Outreach Programmes Pastoral Care & Facilities, Annual Academic Calendar

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Nobel International School offers a variety of sports, clubs, including academic and special interest clubs, providing opportunities for students to develop new skills and explore their interests. 

Participating in these activities not only fosters skills and knowledge, but also helps build character and instills values such as teamwork, leadership, and social responsibility. These qualities are essential for success in academics and in future endeavours in a well-rounded education beyond the classroom.

Outreach Programme

The importance of giving back to the community is part of the heartbeat and culture at Nobel International School, which is reflected in one of our core values, Compassion to Reach Out to Others.

In partnership with Fungates Superflow Foundation, our students have the opportunity to actively participate in various community outreach programmes, such as serving at Soup Kitchen, providing tutorial services and, assisting pre-schoolers at the Happiness Haven. We also encourage our students to actively participate in fundraising events to support the community.

​By immersing themselves in the realities of life faced by the less privileged, our students will develop empathy and compassion, which is a crucial aspect of their growth as individuals. These values will equip them to create a positive impact on the world around us.

    • Badminton

    • Basketball

    • Cartoonist Club

    • Chess (Beginners / Competitive)

    • Clay Modelling

    • Debate

    • Menu Makers

    • Robotics

    • Scratch Coding

    • STEAM for Kids

    • Street Dance

    • Taekwondo

    • Theatre & Creative Drama

    • Ukulele

    • Adobe Masterclass (Photoshop)

    • Aikido

    • Badminton

    • Basketball (Boys / Girls)

    • Cartoonist Club

    • Chess (Beginners / Competitive)

    • Chinese Calligraphy

    • Choir

    • Christian Fellowship

    • Clay Modelling

    • Competitive Debate

    • Public Speaking

    • Scale Modelling

    • Spanish Language

    • Street Dance

    • Taekwondo

    • Tech & Innovation

    • Theatre & Creative Drama

    • Track & Field

    • Ukulele

    • Wushu

    • Dodgeball

    • Drone Adventures

    • Football

    • Future Diplomats

    • Guitar

    • Japanese Language

    • Korean Language

    • Minecraft Education

    • Netball

    • Photography

Academic Calendar (Year 2024)

Last updated: 26 Oct 2023

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There are two (2) terms in an academic year.

  • Term 1 - January to May

  • Term 2 - June to November

Pastoral Care

Trained counsellors are available to provide pastoral care services to the students, which involves counselling and mentoring.  In addition, a range of programmes and resources are in place to help students develop resilience, positive coping skills and positive relationships. Pastoral care also provides a safe space for students to navigate the challenges of growing up. Through these initiatives, the school aims to ensure that its students have the emotional support they need to succeed academically and personally.

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