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A Shining Moment for Our Students!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Mr Chan Lik Hoong, Senior Advisor of Nobel International School giving his speech

The Awards Day 2023 was a day filled with triumph and inspiration as we honoured the excellent achievements of our Junior & Senior School students. At Nobel International School, we firmly believe that education goes beyond textbooks, just as our esteemed Senior Advisor, Mr. Chan Lik Hoong, beautifully expressed: "Education is not just about academics, but about wholesome development in all aspects of the students – excelling in academics, physical, spiritual, and character growth."

This holistic approach ensures that our students become individuals who will leave a lasting impact on the world.

Top Achievers of 2022, Ethan Wong, Kew Ming Qiao, Olivia Ch'ng

We're delighted to highlight three extraordinary students who have illuminated our school with their brilliance and shared their insights on preparing for the IGCSE Exams, inspiring their peers along the way:

  • Ethan Wong Kye Jie - "Top in the World" in Mathematics

  • Kew Ming Qiao - "Top in the World" in Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese

  • Olivia Ch'ng Yuette Li - "Top in Malaysia" in English Literature

We also want to acknowledge our 2022 Year 11 Top Scorers in IGCSE, who showcased exceptional academic prowess and determination. Among a total of 46 students achieving 8As and above:

  • 25 students secured a remarkable 10As

  • 12 students achieved an impressive 9As

  • 9 students proudly earned an excellent 8As

Let this shining moment be a wellspring of inspiration, igniting the fire of academic pursuit within every student.

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